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Martha Stewart Turned a Viral Song About Martha Stewart Into an Ad for Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and Yung Gravy | martha-stewart-yung-gravy-2021

The spot was recorded in Martha Stewart’s New York home and Yung Gravy’s house in Los Angeles. Mediacast Solutions

As a person who shudders at the thought of hypervisibility, it is my sincerest hope that I never become an internet meme. But if the Social Media Gods have crafted a different fate for me, I hope that I have enough power to spin it into some decent marketing.

Martha Stewart, who is obviously no stranger to memes and unexpected partnerships, recently teamed with Mediacast Solutions and viral rapper Yung Gravy on a campaign for her newest line of frozen food. In the spot, Stewart asks the personality to provide music for the big launch. Luckily, he just so happens to have a viral hit that would be perfect for her marketing needs.

Look, is tapping the guy who created a song literally named after you Absolutely. But if it does anything, in confirms Stewart’s cross a bit obvious? generational impact and adds a little energy to what could have been a rather bland product debut. There are only so many ways to inject excitement into frozen food advertising and for better or worse, this works.